Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery should be cleaned even before the soil is noticeable. Soil is abrasive and very detrimental to the life of your fabric. Proper ph balanced cleaners coupled with hot-water extraction cleaning is the ideal process for effectively and carefully removing that soil.


  1. Pre-vacuum: Loose debris is vacuumed away first.
  2. Pre-treat: The fabric is pre-treated with a safe pH balanced cleaner and brushed with a soft upholstery brush to loosen soil and oils embedded in the fabric.
  3. Extract & Rinse: Your upholstery fabric is thoroughly hot water rinsed removing the soil and cleaners. The vacuum pressure is also adjusted so as to not subject the material to too much surface tension. (Fabrics are delicate and sensitive to the tension caused by too much vacuum.) We see many of these same fabrics routinely and can confidently handle even the most challenging upholstery cleaning jobs with wonderful results .The drying Time is usually between 1-4 hours