How did you get that so clean?

We hear statements like that every day!

Our simple secret to the most effective Carpet Cleaning?...very hot water!

Did you know that for every 10 degrees you raise the carpet cleaning solution temperature the cleaning agent will work twice as hard?  Our high solution temperture kills bateria and allows us  mimimize the use of cleaner resulting  in squeaky clean carpets with no soil-attracting soapy residues. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning, also known as steam cleaning  is only the final step in our best deep cleaning process. Have ever heard of CRB? That stands for counter rotating brush. The CRB machine is used as a first step draw out all the debris that no vacuum cleaners can't remove. This debris removal is more benefical then for merely appearance sake. Many people are fighting alergies today and much of the problem is caused by our indoor environment. While you may not see this, most carpeting contains  hair, dander, dust and other alergines interwined and  locked into the fibers. With the CRB / Steam Cleaning complete clean process you will breath easier and your carpets will look like new! Another question many people ask me; How long before I can use the carpet?  You can walk on your freshly cleaned carpets right away as we provide  you with shoe covers. Drying time with a box fan is about 1 - 3  hours depending on the thickness and style of your carpet.  Well thiis might have only answered some of your questions so feel free to call me on my mobile #206-948-6245 (7am-8pm M-Sat.) Thank you! Scott