Carpet Cleaning

Solution Carpet Cleaning sets the standard for safe and effective non-toxic natural carpet cleaning. We use no butyl or d-limonene solvents or phosphates which may be harmful if inhaled during the cleaning process. High quality cleaning agents are used for a natural clean that does not leave behind soil attracting residues leaving your carpet sparkling clean and residue free. 


  1. CRB Encapulation Process: This is our low moisure process for light to medium soul conditions. It has very fast drying time of 1 to 2 hours. The counter rotating brushes remove hair and other debris and restore the carpet nap. It is environmentally friendly as there is no waste water to drain. One other advantage is that  the cleaners contain Soilease which will enhance your carpet's soil resistence.
  2. Steam Cleaning: This process is for medium to heavy soil.  Your carpet is pre-treated with a hot pre-spray organic/natural carpet cleaner that softens and suspends the soil. Common household stains (such as pet stains) are treated with specialized cleaning agents appropriate for that stain. This treatment is allowed to dwell killing the odor causing bacteria. The softened soil is removed with hot water  returning your carpet to a fresh and clean, like new condition.  You might also like to know that your carpet backing remains dry during the process as a result of our high vacuum pressure, speeding the best possible dry time and also extending the life of your carpet.

(see" Frequently Asked Questions" below)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do carpets take to dry after they are cleaned? How can I speed drying?

Drying time will depend on the temperature inside, the Humidity level inside and out and the carpet style. The normal range for drying is 2 to 8 hours.

Make sure any room cleaned has the window open just a little. Set the heat to 70 degrees or more if you like. Use any fans you might have and blow each area for about ½ an hour. We carry 6 fans on our van to pre-dry the first 6 areas.


How soon will I be able to walk on the carpet?

Right away! If you need to walk on the carpet immediately just take a couple of precautions. If you walk outside have a wet terry cloth towel at the doorway to wipe your shoes on or we have plastic shoe covers for you on the truck. We will supply you with as many pairs as you need.


What can I do to get ready for having my carpets cleaned?

*If you want a piece of furniture moved and cleaned under please remove breakables off the top and inside.

*If you need to leave while we are working it is a good idea to move your car out of the garage ahead of time.

*If your outside faucett is winterized please turn it back on for your cleaning job. We can also put an adapter on a near by sink if necessary but an outside faucet is much preferred.

*Pre vacuuming is a good idea and if you would like we can pre-vacuum for you.

*For during the cleaning and afterwards choose a pair of shoes that have rubber soles. (Slippers with dyed soles can stain the carpet). Hard surface floors are slippery!


Do I need to pre-vacuum?

This is a good question. If you vacuum all the time and you have an excellent vacuum cleaner then it is not necessary to pre-vacuum. Our machine has a high pressure vacuum that will remove all debris. Also, if you don’t have a good vacuum then let us use our commercial Sanitare® vacuum.


What type of cleaning do you use?

Our method is commonly referred to as hot-water extraction cleaning or steam cleaning. Many companies use a plug-in portable machine which will have a lesser result. We use a machine mounted in the van where only two hoses come into your home. No power or hot water is needed just a cold water faucet within about 100 feet of our truck.


How long should I wait to have a new carpet cleaned?

Many times carpet layers will say to wait as long as you can. If you do that they will be laying a new carpet for you a lot sooner!  The short answer: we recommend cleaning every 4 months in extreme situations to 2 years in light use situations.  The long answer: the higher concentrations of dirt on the fiber shaft in areas like stairs, slider doors, in front of couches and in halls and entrances rub together when you walk on them. In essence you are pressing with your whole weight one fiber against another. If you could see this with a microscope what is happening is that a dirty fiber mixed with sand is scratching the other. Eventually all the fibers have deep scratches all over and these scratches will quickly hold on to soil in the future. We observe this as rapid re-soiling. Where you get up from the sofa you actually twist your foot a little which magnifies the damage. These areas, even if cleaned will hold on to soil faster in the future. In a perfect world, carpets should be cleaned before they look dirty. The carpets in homes with a set of indoor shoes at the door last the longest. Going bare foot (not recommended)  in bathroom/dressing areas is another area that needs a little extra care. We recommend fiber protector be applied in at least these areas. Scotchgard was originally developed as an oil repellant and later used on carpeting. So extra protection in oil stained prone areas is a good idea.


Do carpets re-soil faster after they are cleaned for the first time?

If improperly cleaned they will re-soil faster. Many times, home version carpet cleaning machines are the culprit. They leave behind a soapy residue that attracts soil. If used in traffic areas repeatedly they will delaminate the carpet backing. If you have a company come and they use a low power portable carpet cleaning unit that plugs into just one wall outlet (powerful portables require two separate circuits) they will leave 40% of the moisture (and soap). This directly causes rapid re-soiling. Our unit is driven by a 4 cylinder fuel injected engine that definitely cleans without causing rapid re-soiling. Be advised that if your carpets contain high levels of excess cleaner it may take two cleanings 6 months apart to correct the problem.


Is there any guarantee?

We have a no nonsense guarantee. If you have any problem after our cleaning job that was not pre-qualified in the estimate we will return to correct that concern at no charge to you.


Does cleaning remove odors from pet accidents?

Not always! This is an area where it’s best to fully understand brevity of the problem. Porous things like carpets, pads, sub-floors, and walls when repeatedly exposed to bodily fluids such as animal urine can become permanently contaminated. No enzyme or disinfectant will solve the odor problem in some situations. Cleaning, by itself will do little as the urine is deeper than can be reached by any type of carpet cleaning. In cases where it is a smaller dog and thus a smaller amount of liquid is deposited, the problem can be greatly reduced or eliminated. With larger dogs it may be necessary to replace the pad and seal the sub-floor.  We have two different approaches to odor control that we can discuss with you upon inspection of your carpet.


Do you move furniture?

A small amount of furniture moving is included in your carpet cleaning price. Large items such as hutches, heavy dressers, pianos cannot be moved.  We have a right angle wand that can reach under large beds.


Do you offer scotchgard and does it work?

We offer the application of Scotchgard or Dupont Teflon®. We will recommend these products be applied when we are experiencing difficulty in cleaning your carpet. This is an indication to us that there is no fiber protection present. Application of these high quality products will have several benefits. Future spots will be much easier to remove. You will have much more time to remove accidental spills such as hot coffee before the spill permanently stains the carpet. Your carpet will stay clean longer just by simple vacuuming. While it cost an average of 12 cents per square foot to protect your carpet it can save you a lot in future replacement costs and reduce the frequency of cleanings.

Do you recommend any carpet spot cleaners?

Yes, you get a free bottle of our spot cleaner. It is specially formulated to remove 95% of all common household spots while not leaving any soil attracting residue. Also it is guaranteed to not remove your factory carpet protector. If you don’t need carpet cleaning right now you can call 425-775-8833 and we’ll send you a bottle. Its’ $9.96, including tax and shipping.