Quoted prices are approximate and depend on a few factors. You will receive a no obligation accurate price quote prior to your job. We operate debt-free and have no outside advertising keeping our overhead very low while still maintaining high quality workmanship. You can get a pretty good idea of what we charge with the follow price list:


2017 Price List

Carpet Cleaning (general open areas): 32¢ per square foot (10X10 room= $35) Stairs $45 per set up to 16, These are general prices, discounts may apply on larger homes. There are minimum charges for different areas. Please call for details.

Upholstery Cleaning: Sofas and loveseats $12-$18 per lineal foot, fully upholstered chairs $45 

Tile and Stone Cleaning: .50 per square foot (Small bathrooms $25)

Fiber Protection: .12 per square foot

Oriental Rug Cleaning: .75- $1 per square foot

Carpet Repairs, Carpet Patching and Carpet Power Stretching; $100 per hour

Flood Damage Restoration: by estimate